Lifestyle therapy

I am Wendy Walrabenstein, a registered (clinical) dietitian, researcher and lecturer.

I work as a PhD researcher (Amsterdam UMC) at Reade rehabilitation & rheumatology in Amsterdam and lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science. Currently I’m investigating the effect of a plant based lifestyle therapy on people with arthritis.


My mission: our health

Way back I studied economics and worked for many years in international banking. I now speak and write about human and planetary health & lifestyle and published the book ‘Food Body Mind’ (Dutch). In my research I try to understand which lifestyle improvements can benefit our health and how people can improve their lifestyle in a sustainable way.

It is my mission to make people feel better through lifestyle improvement and to extend the healthy lifespan. The scientific evidence on health effects of whole food plant-based diets, exercise, stress management and sleep-improvement is growing as is the urgency. We have to transform our diets from animal-centered to plant-centered for many reasons. I know from my research and experience that you can get there…step by step.

I want to show that a healthy lifestyle is fun and improves quality of life dramatically!


Dietitian & lifestyle therapist

From my private practice in Utrecht (The Netherlands) I offer one-to-one coaching for people who want to improve their lifestyle.

Lifestyle advice is evidence based and at the same time practical. You will learn how you can improve your lifestyle, how it benefits the most important health outcomes like fat mass, cholesterol, inflammation, blood sugar, etc. You will also learn how to practically implement the changes. Counseling is always short (sometimes just one or two sessions are enough) and intensive. Sessions can be booked live or online. 


As a PhD student at the Amsterdam UMC and researcher at Reade, centre for rehabilitation & rheumatology, I study the effect of a multidisciplinary lifestyle program for people with rheumatic diseases. My project involves behaviour change, exercise, stress- and sleep management. In addition, I’m also interested in the working mechanisms responsible for the beneficial effects of lifestyle on health outcomes, which we study using MRI, microbiome- and metabolite analyses. My publications can be found here.

Author & speaker

I am a storyteller and natural teacher, I just can’t help it: I have to talk about lifestyle and health. I like to do that both on paper as through speaking engagements. My book ‘Food Body Mind’ at the moment is only available in Dutch, but I would love to publish in English! I’m at my best when inspiring, motivating and informing people about how the transition towards a plant-centered lifestyle can benefit our health and that of our planet. Do you want to cooperate? Just send me a message.


A good talk about your health


I’m a dietitian with know-how on lifestyle (diet, exercise, stress, sleep). Since I also work as lecturer and researcher, I have limited time to see clients. I therefore focus on people with serious condititions, e.g. autoimmune diseases and other rheumatic diseases, cancer, etc.


Sessions are intensive and usually take 90 minutes. Follow-up sessions are mostly shorter (30-60 minutes). Often one consultation is enough, sometimes people like to come back 2 or max 3 times. The price of a session is 250 euro (VAT not applicable).


To use our time as efficiently as possible, I invite you to fill in a questionnaire beforehand. That way I can do some research and prepare properly. This helps to make the best of your session with me!


The 4 major lifestyle factors


A plant-centered diet, based on whole foods is the foundation for your healthy lifestyle. We will start were you are and work from there towards a diet that is both sustainable and beneficial for people with your condition.


Physical activity is key for a long, healthy lifespan. It contributes to your quality of life. You don’t have to run a marathon or lift heavy weights (I don’t either!) to stay fit. I’ll guide you towards natural movement the way you like it.


We can’t do much about all the stressors attacking us throughout life, but we can work on the way we handle them. Learning how stress affects your body makes you conscious and I will hand you practical techniques to make sure you are not overwhelmed by life.



Sleep deprivation directly and indirectly affects your health. By improving both the quantity and quality of your sleep with easy habit improvements, it will be easier to improve your lifestyle. You will eat better and feel more like exercising, you’ll feel more relaxed and energized.